THEAUDIOSTORE, wholly owned by Praktik Audio Sdn. Bhd., stands for the best available in High End Audio in Malaysia and the region. Although newly formed. The company started with some of the most exalted products of its time – Walker Audio, Kuzma, Aesthetix, Sutherland, NuForce, YG Acoustics, Soundlab and NBS Cables to name a few.

THEAUDIOSTORE current premise at Merchant Square, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, has 2 dedicated demonstration rooms, discussion area and dignified showroom for customers to audition and choose their intended purchase.

THEAUDIOSTORE committed to serve the High End Analog community and music lover, the company has added to its portfolio, the concept of a total solution optimized for the audio enthusiast with the most comprehensive range of analog equipment, accessories and rare mint vinyl records. This integrated solution provides the customer with confidence and assurance when they invest in a top class audio system.

THEAUDIOSTORE – Audiophiles Connection Centre.





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